Cost free Benefit Enhancements

Decrease costs, Increase benefit offering, Protect your employees.

The history of employee benefits is quite simple.  Businesses want to basically do three things; make money, save money and improve employee and client relations.  Benefits are a business decision.  The more we do for our employees and their families, the more they are willing to do for us.  The issues are morale, loyalty and productivity.  Of course there are always budget and profit considerations.  The most successful businesses offer as many benefits as possible and are not shy about communicating them.   We specialize in enhancing and reducing the cost of existing benefits at no cost to the company while creating a tax savings.

We have many tools and programs that drive down usage, create tax savings, lower liability and workers comp claims, obtain strong discounts for the employees reference dental, vision, prescriptions and free doctor consults.  We help with employee morale and productivity, and educate on the value and usage of your current plans.  We can also clean up administrative issues such as census updates, ACA reporting, compliance and penalty avoidance, employer communications, beneficiary audits, create and deliver benefit statements and even core benefit enrollment and communication.  We have software that can offer and communicate all benefits from all providers, generate reports and offer training/support at no cost.   We set up and administer pre tax 125 plans at no cost.  We also offer self funded ACA complaint MEC plans that create a huge savings as opposed to traditional health insurance that are a perfect fit for some companies.  There are also programs that the employer may be overlooking that could create serious tax credits.

Of course we offer voluntary programs that 88% of all employees educated, say are an integral and necessary part of a company’s benefit package.  These programs help cover the things that are not covered by health insurance and are employee paid.